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Hey, I'm Victor! Having lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, France, and the Netherlands, I am visually influenced by my environment in most of my designs.

I can bring the vibrant colors of South East Asia for the identity of "Grote Prijs van Rotterdam", as well as the ornamental and exact architectural lines of western Europe in my font design "quarante quatre°".

As a designer, I believe in the power of “Making”. For me, making is thinking, organizing, processing, researching, and designing. Making gives me the ability to work in a fast, efficient, and consistent way. This is especially visible in my process of making "Grip Grid ©".

Currently, I am exploring immersive technologies, such as VR and AR, as tools for communication alongside graphic design. Mixing analog with digital media helps to keep my work innovative and challenging.

Understanding the power that branding can have in our modern society, it is my goal to deliver an impactful, original, and effective design that can best respond to complex concepts.


Branding, identity, print, type, motion, video and digital design.



Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design with a Minor in Branding at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, NL.