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I Am Still Here - Minor Branding

DEC. 2020

During my minor in branding, we created a concept which focuses on a current problem, the lack of human touch. This took the form of an exhibition space titled, "I Am Still Here". Even before the pandemic, as a society, we have been drifting away from touch due to technologies such as smartphones. In the future, we believe that human touch will no longer exist. Humans will be too busy with their individual selves to care for each other. Therefore, responsive objects will replace the feeling of human touch and help us to deal with our mental well being. We want to show this dystopian spectacle to our target audience to bring back the importance of touch before its forgotten and has caused irreversible damage to our mental health.

In colaboration with: Anne van Dreumel, Zouhair Azfar, Ricards Briška and Jenniffer Horst.