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"Light Space" - Graduation project

JUL. 2021

For my graduation research, the pandemic showed me that the division between rest and work is no longer clear when increased indoor living due to lockdown. I saw an opportunity for (AR) to develop a more meaningful and engaging experience that provides ‘rest’ for 18-24 y/o living in small studio spaces. I created a speculative brand experience video called “Light Space”, fully dedicated to ‘taking proper rest’. Rather than changing or adding physical living space, the user should take a moment in the day to tune in with their senses to create rest. In the video, it shows how a part of the users living space becomes an interactive experience. This new space acts as a divider from the rest of their daily routine. This space is fully customizable by the user to fit their needs and enhance their wellbeing. From the environment, time of the day, sounds, and objects, everything is customizable. This is achieved by using (AR)-based projections which lets the user interact with the digital world in physical space without the need for a smartphone or headset.