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BANK15 x Friandries - Taste of Art Breda "Natural Instinct"

JAN. 2021

I have been chosen as 1 of the 8 designers to create a unique chocolate for Friandries in collaboration with BANK15! I present to you "Natural Instinct", my chocolate design submition, a mix of neon, bold and popping colors, contrasting on heavy black. I based my color pallet on the mimic poison dart frog the colors of it's skin are a clear evolutionary trait that tells us to watch out! In my design, I wanted to use colors that would trigger our natural instincts to avoid bright or neon colors on food. The idea of eating chocolate should be a pleasurable experience but while your instincts are on high alert, all your taste buds will be heightened giving you the ability to taste all the flavors ever more intensively! This experience was a success not just in the design output but also with the purchase, selling over 500 boxes!